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Saturday, January 2 2021

Catherine Robin

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DAY #303/365: Towards Tomorrow; A Selection of Cuttings From The Delian Mode, Sonic Maps, The Corporation's Cubby Holes and the Life of an Audiological Explorer…

Thursday, October 30 2014

A Year in the Country

" The Delian Mode. This is quite frankly an astonishing piece of work...It’s a moving, touching, respectful, informative piece of film making."

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Dangerous Minds

Wednesday, April 9 2014

Richard Metzger

You simply cannot watch this marvelous film without concluding that Delia Derbyshire was a creative and technical genius...

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The Art of Fiction

Sunday, January 13 2013

Adrian Slatcher

“A compact 25 minutes, it’s more like a film essay or a visual tone poem than a traditional film; using Delia’s music and words throughout to construct a portrait of her creative process .”

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Fast Forward Weekly

Thursday, January 5 2012

Christine Leonard

"As likely to attract tie-dyed-in-the-wool feminists as it is comic-con goers and fleet-fingered DJs, Blake’s bio-capsule is an enchanting and engaging cultural collage that speaks to the boundless appeal of Derbyshire’s work."

Record Collector

Wednesday, May 18 2011

"...the only thing wrong with The Delian Mode is that, at a few minutes short of half an hour, it’s over all too quickly."

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Wednesday, May 11 2011

Alexandre Fontaine Rousseau

"...a brief visit to Delia Derbyshire’s laboratory that will also satisfy music lovers already familiar with her work, those who will rejoice that it is treated here with so much respect and sensibility."

The Independent - Doc Highlights From the Festival du Nouveau Cinéma

Saturday, January 9 2010

Patrick Pearce

“...Blake’s film is a lovingly crafted collage of still avant-garde-sounding sound clips and a wealth of archive photos, film clips, and handwritten notes...”

Nowness - Sounds From the Aether

Friday, December 18 2009

“Kara Blake's ‘The Delian Mode’ is an affectionate and appropriately experimental ode to cult electronic pioneer Delia Derbyshire.”

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Offscreen - Festival Nouveau Cinéma 2009: The Long end of the Short

Saturday, December 12 2009

Randolph Jordan

“This is one of those rare documentaries that is at once informational, aesthetically satisfying, and emotionally stirring – all in the space of 25 minutes!”

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Hour - Doctor Who?

Thursday, October 8 2009

By Meg Hewings

“Blake's first documentary is a meticulously researched and seamlessly crafted 25-minute portrait of Derbyshire that mines the sometimes dark tunnels of the technician's brilliant mind and sheds light on her visionary sound techniques.”

The Coast - Atlantic Film Fest day 3: Ladies come out on top of docs

Sunday, September 20 2009

By Sue Carter Finn

“I love Blake's camera style-the aesthetic is like watching a film through a Viewmaster, which is what I think she is trying to achieve.”